Best Customized Accounting Software for Businesses

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Best Customized Accounting Software for Businesses

Customized accounting software gives opportunities to the company to customize its accounting software as per its business requirements. The software is made user- specific to match the requirements of the user that is not covered by the original accounting software.
Customized accounting software has the following uses:
• Complex inventory which involves multi cutting unit of measurements
• Complex calculation of stock costing
• Work in progress computation
• Linking with existing CRM system or inventory software
Onestop Accounting Software provides Customized Accounting Software based on client’s needs and expectations which is making us the best in the industry.
Companies having complex inventory formula calculation of stock in their operation would require customized solutions software to suit their needs. We are specializing in custom application software, Customized Accounting Software in various platforms.
E-Linking from others platform:
E- Linking from other e-commerce website’s daily sales transaction data without any hassle.
Through our integrated system it is easy to link data to a wide range of customized Accounting Software such as Sage_Ubs or EZ accounting on a click of a button.
Online Maid Management System:
Users can login to register maid profile and trace pass work history and status. They can update and trace permits dues and others functions. Users can track records of all maid transactions and pass work performance in detail.
Web Application Development:
We offer Web Apps tailored to suit your company needs. We understand the need and importance of having a good web application and rest assured we have our own team of engineers in Singapore who are able to analysis your work flow and task required and design a tailor made system specially to suit your everyday needs such as web inventory system online and many others customized solutions.


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