Introducing payroll and benefits management with Onestopaccounting

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We hope Onestopaccounting will help you to make your business life much easier, mainly if you pay workers or employees.

Preparing a perfect and on-time payroll is part of keeping your employees happy. But we know it can be a little hectic. Onestopaccounting provides best payroll software to pull off payroll on time, every time, and to provide essential HR solutions.

Adjustable, Automated Payroll

Without difficulty, you can input employee information, set up direct deposit and create reports for you. Want to save yourself even more time? It allows you to do basic computations like Staff payroll based on different working hour table, Allowance, Deductions, Overtime, Staff Levy and Annual leaves.

One-Stop Benefits & Solutions

Get a full suite of payroll software to do automatic computing function for CPF contribution, SINDA/CDAC/MBMF/ECF/SDL, an Automatic reminder of staff leave and get all the benefits of a dedicated human resources department right at your fingertips.

Access to Records Any Time

When an employee wants to apply leave, they can do online leave submission via cloud application, get a real-time report of payroll and print any documents or forms that you need, including things like employee handbooks, right from your account.

Real-time Form Submission

Our payroll software allows submitting IR8A/IR8S forms in real-time. It provides multiple modes of payment to staff and project staff salary computation.

Call us for Free Demo and to get smart accounting with the best payroll and HR solutions for your business!


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