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Government Grant Accounting Software in Singapore

Singapore accounting software started in the year 2000, we excelled in providing our customers with a plethora of world-class Singapore accounting software. Small to medium sized industries have been emboldened by our cutting edge solutions, enjoying unprecedented efficiency and saving themselves time to concentrate on what matters: business.

Government Grant Accounting Software allows you to computerized accounting software to upgrade you “GO DIGITAL” from Book Keeping. Onestop Accounting – They are the specialist in Accounting Software with rich industry experience to solve all your Accounting needs. They provide user-friendly Software where even a lay man can operate without any training as you use your Android Mobile phones.
The Accounting Software can show the performance of your company with graphs and other illustrations which can be easily comprehended. It can help you project future performance and create effective strategies as well.

A team of experienced Sage_Ubs specialists await your every need, able to guide and help you into a new world of accounting dynamism. Engage with a software provider that guarantees satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and brilliant products, and say goodbye to the days of inferior software support.

Our whole team of experienced engineers are well versed in the wide range of accounting software that we provides such as  some IRAS Accredited range of accounting software products from brands such as Sage_Ubs Accounting, EZ Accounting® and MYOB Accounting Software will give you the best in business, inventory and accounting software. Enhance operations across payrolls, inventory management, financial accounting and sales with a company that ensures the best for its customers. We are happy to supply you with a free demo, so you can really feel the power and proficiency of modern software. Furthermore, we offer web page design, networking services and repairs to help you truly maintain an up-to-date, trailblazing and interactive business.

Singapore Accounting Software customers consistently see the protected profits and cut costs that our solutions ensure. We understand that business requires constant innovation in product and service, whilst keeping costs in check. That’s why we are so passionate. Our team know just how brilliant our software is at fast-tracking your competitiveness.

Don’t be the business left behind, stuck in a muddy inertia. Let us propel you to the forefront of efficiency.

Our Team

Our Advantage:

Why choose us? Well, we have the largest product range, the best support team and the most affordable prices. An unrivaled knowledge of the industry has been built since our inception in 1999, complementing an established client network that relies upon our trustworthy and reliable business. Assure yourself the best.

Our People:

Our team thrives on making your business better. We work for you to ensure the best. An unsurpassed knowledge of the industry and an understanding of both your needs and the depths of the software market mean that we can best empower you – our customers.

Contact or call our dedicated staff on 65-6227 1797 today and see how they can best work for you, tailoring our solutions to fit seamlessly into your work.


Business and accounting software undertakes critical functions in your business’ machinery. Use a provider you can trust.

We get the importance of reliability and consistency in our business and promise to do our utmost to deliver a wholly satisfying experience. With Singapore Accounting Services you are guaranteed a firm you can have faith in.