Benefits and Features of Point-of-Sale System

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Are you running the retail business? Then you have to aware of Retail POS (Point of Sale) system. Through this software, you can easily track every transaction, payment handling and process the customer purchases. This system also allows you to do more than that by using the new & available technologies. Managing inventory & customers, empower staff, track sales, identify & award regular customers and get the pricing right are few things done by the Point of sale software system.

Benefits of Point of Sale System

In your system using the POS, you can store the huge amount of data that can be retrieved easily.  Such data are Customer purchase history, item sales detail, stock status reports, and monthly/yearly/seasonal sales data.

  • Reduce the expensive stock overheads.
  • Reduces time spent on back office
  • Reduces time spent on inventory functions
  • Saves the time of sales force
  • Checkout lines will be speeds up
  • Easy to generate the report and use automated accounting tasks
  • Provides timely inventory information which helps you to maintain a better relationship with your customers
  • Process the marketing campaigns using the system-generated customer information
  • Increases traffic in your store
  • Increase customer service level

Features of Point-of-Sale System


POS system can be integrated with several modules that are accounting, time & attendance, inventory management, loyalty & gift cards. Through this feature, it reduces the errors.

Employee management

By using this software you can manage the employee payroll. It also provides a clock-in and clocks-out tools.

Inventory Management

On-site inventory quantity management is essential to your store Success. Inventory Management capacities offer an on-request window into your stock. Through this feature, it is conceivable to wipe out inefficiencies.

Customer Management

POS System collects the information on your customer’s purchasing history. By using these data you can simply find the most valuable customer based on their spending

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Store’s sales date will be analyzed using the Sales Reporting & Analytics function. By tracking the sales data, it will reflect the revenue of each product.

Mobile/Tablet Access

You can access Point of Sale system via mobile/tablet from any location

Customer Relation Management

Point of Sale system maintains the regular customer profiles and improves the customers’ experience and builds loyalty in the long term

Fast & Accurate Billing

The fast and accurate billing feature helps you in improving the employees’ productivity and performance


Customer information such as phone number and credit card number are stored securely.

These are the benefits and features of Point of sale software system. By using the Point of sale software you can enjoy the above benefits. If you thinking to use the Point of sale software for your business? Book your Point of sale software with Singapore Online Accounting software support team by emailing us to sales@onestopaccounting.comor ringing us 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797 (9 Lines) or 65 – 6848 5492.

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