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Benefits of Inventory Management Software

benefits of inventory management software

  • Warehousing: EZ Accounting provides unique and dynamic features when it comes in tracking your Inventory Management across different locations. The physical locations can be categorized as Parent Category allowing us to create multiple sub-locations. These sub locations can still be broken into a more finite level of tracking. Once these drill-down locations are defined then any item can be stored in any location, which can give you a holistic view of inventory levels across multiple locations.
  • Trace-ability: Trace-ability plays a major role in Inventory management system. Small and Medium Business Entities need to trace products through its entire life cycle right to the receipt book. With EZ Accounting, you can define inventory and manufacturing products and track them end to end. The system will identify and process all relevant information on each and every transaction to offer you the complete end to end traceability.
  • Cycle counting: No matter how big and great is your manufacturing, accounting, tracking and reporting control systems are, you have to carry out and perform consistency checks of actual inventory levels for major things. EZ Inventory Management System for inventory and accounting enables you and helps you to provoke and intimate you with the security stock and lower your overhead expenses. EZ Inventory ERP Software enhances your inventory and accounting management offering you an extra control over your complete benefits. You can also order your inventory in smaller or bigger quantities based on your requirements and expectations. It is also tailor-made software which can be customized based on any of your futuristic needs.
  • Replenishment: Maintaining the exact amount in your inventory to back the service level expectations is extremely important.EZ Inventory Management offers you multiple features to automate your complete process. You can track your inventory of all your goods and stocks, monitor your process and get real-time data for the same. It provides the modules like Purchase, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Stock Management Functionality, along with full recipe and product costing functionalities and capabilities.

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