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Best Selling Accounting Software in Malaysia

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Best Selling Accounting Software in Malaysia


Sage_UBS Accounting Software is one of the best selling accounting software in Malaysia that is suitable for trades of the industry. It is specially designed to grow with your accounting needs, meeting the demands of new start-ups as well as larger and more complex businesses.

From preparation of financial reports to integration options with Payroll and Inventory systems, your accounting tasks are now so much simpler and you have better control over your finances with the usage of Sage_UBS software.

Integrating Sage_UBS Accounting Software with Sage_UBS Inventory Software, we can link all the inventory costing to its accounting system and it reduces the time taken for computation of item costing and viewing of item profit margin reporting on a real-time basis.

It comes with different modules which include:

Sage_UBS Accounting Software

Sage_UBS Inventory & Billing Sofware

Sage_UBS Payroll Software

Sage_POS software

Functions of Sage_UBS Accounting Software:

 Handle multiple companies

Multiple currencies

Different levels of data access security

Able to compute sales commission to the agent

Easy to modify any transaction

Capable of handling transactions up to 18 months

Lost entries from the preceding month could be inserted

Goods & Services Tax (GST) computation function

Generate audit trail reports.

Unrealised Gain/Loss computation.

Monthly profit/Loss and Balance Sheet report

Consolidated Account

Project accounting (Basic)

 Four types of stock valuation methods

Fixed Cost

First In First Out (FIFO)

Monthly Average

Moving Average

There is another one Accounting Software called EZ Accounting, it can be integrated with EZ Inventory Software and it will auto-link all invoices and purchase invoices to the accounting system. This is an example of a software which does not need batch posting of its invoices or purchases so as to update to its accounting software.

Do contact EZ Accounting Pte Ltd and we can advise you better on which brands of accounting software you should take up for your business.

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