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Choose Singapore’s Best Retail POS Software

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Choose Singapore’s Best Retail POS Software


To manage easily and scale your business with a retail point of sale systems (POS) from Singapore Accounting Software. Touchscreen retail POS uses Windows-based software for the food & beverage (F&B) establishment as well as for the merchandise (Retail) outlets.

EZ Point of Sales is designed for Microsoft Windows platform and is suitable for any retail businesses. Its user-friendliness, easy to learn, and feature rich characteristics are well received by our customers.

POS Software Interface of touch screen icons can be customized to suit every trade of business needs. Functional buttons can be turned on/off, rearranged, re-named or password protected. Related to billing & inventory software, retail POS software has the fundamental function of inventory such as stock control, stock takes report and item condition and reporting to you to examine your inventory movement details.

We gave priority to performance & stability of our Points of Sales software. Using both MS SQL databases our POS have need of minimum technical support and its data is actually scalable, facilitating your future growth and expansion.

We make your POS system efficient and a user-friendly system for your everyday business operation without any delay, just by our touch screen POS which can give instant salesman reporting and you can generate your sales item or promotion listing.


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