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MYOB Singapore is a popular accounting software for small and medium enterprises in Singapore. MYOB has its key features which allow for simple and easy use of this accounting software.

First off, it provides English and Traditional Chinese interface and supports data entry in both languages. User can choose English or Traditional Chinese operation interface. All images, lists, chart of accounts and control panel will be shown in your selected language.

It also allows for One Take Accounting Process, in which each entry in MYOB will be automatically recorded as double entries which saves your resources and make the entry easier. Apart from possessing of the basic functions of Sales, Purchase and Inventory, it also has the functions of project management, customer relationship management, multi-currencies transactions, multi-location inventory management, bank reconciliation and payroll management. It is an integrated system fulfilling the diversified needs of different customers.

More importantly, it is easy to learn and use. MYOB has a user-friendly designed interface with simple and clear layout and wordings. It allows you to produce cheques for printing and Sales and Purchase documents for signing off with little experience.

Another key feature of MYOB Singapore is its170+ Financial Reports for Business Intelligence. Apart from those commonly used report such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Report, Trial Balance, Cash Analysis Report, MYOB generates a variety of reports include Customer Account Receivables Analysis Report, Sales Analysis Report, and Bank Reconciliation Report. Report will automatically update after data inputting to provide real time business analysis.

It also features Export Report to Excel for Analysis. Through MYOB OfficeLink, reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel which you can further formulate your calculation for further data analysis. It can generate financial accounting and inventory stock count report real time. It also allows connection to MS Word with its key features; Connect with MS Word and Word for Customer Letters and CRM, Through MYOB OfficeLink, data can be exported to Microsoft Word. This allows you to print thank-you customer letter, invitation, item promotion letter, surveys and labels.

Another key feature is the Multi-currency Registers and Automatic Exchange Difference Calculation. MYOB is one of the few international accounting softwares in the market that handles multi-currencies. Whatever multi-currencies transactions you entered, exchange difference is automatically calculated in MYOB.

There is also the Support Multi-users and Multi-locations for concurrently Data Input. Multiple users can access MYOB data file, and staff from different departments of the company can concurrently use MYOB for issuing invoice, journal entries etc.

You can also set unlimited user names and passwords with different authority levels to limit their access to some of the screens or reports by using its key feature, Set User Password and Authority Levels.

MYOB Singapore also enables printing or emailing of quotation, invoice to customers which is environment friendly and efficient, by using its Efficient Report Printing & Output feature.

Manage and Process Payroll features allows for the production of returns which conforms to regulatory requirements. MYOB provides all round payroll processing and management from recording data such as employee’s background information, payroll scheme, leaves, MPF entitlement, printing payment slips to producing Employer’s Returns IR56B that conforms to regulatory requirements. MYOB’s Payroll Management enhances operation efficiency.

Lastly, it offers Multi-location Inventory and Supports Items In-and-Out Analysis. MYOB records item name, location, pricing and prompts back-order reminders and automates stock level adjustment. It makes inventory management easy.

One Stop Accounting provides MYOB Accounting Software. It provides both Traditional Chinese and English interface, enables multi-currencies handling, and produces Employer’s Returns IR56B for submitting to Inland Revenue Department. MYOB is the designated accounting software adopted for LCCI Level 2&3 and Accounting & Computerized Accounts of HKIAAT.

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