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How to Choose the Business Accounting Software


How to Choose the Business Accounting Software, started since 1999 with more than 10 years, a Singapore company Specialist in Accounting software Singapore, selling wide range of accounting software, inventory software, retail point of sales system, payroll software, mail management software, human resource management software, time attendance software; that empowers business. We carry brands such as Sage_Ubs Accounting / EZ Accounting( IRAS Accredited Software) / EZ Payroll (Compliant With IRAS Guideline) / MYOB Software / Quickbook and customised solutions software tailored to your company needs.

Accounting packages can be used for all the important financial transactions in your business and you will rely on it to give you critical information about the health of your business. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider a number of different issues.

To get the right package for your business, you need to define your business requirements and then match them to the available packages. A good way to do this is to decide on the overall requirements first, then consider the more detailed requirements within that framework. For more information, see the pages in this guide on assessing your business’ overall needs for an accounting package and on assessing your detailed requirements for that package.

Your package must meet all the statutory (legal) requirements that apply to your business and must continue to do so in the future, by, for example, submitting annual accounts that meet defined accountancy standards. Some requirements apply equally to all businesses, but others are specific to particular businesses and the way they operate. For example, a business that deals mostly in cash will keep accounts in a different way to a business that does not. If you have been running your business with manual accounts then you will probably be familiar with these requirements, but if not, your accountant will be able to help.

You need to consider what help you will need to set up, install and maintain your accounting package. For example, if you need to send in your GST/QST return, but a problem occurs with your accounting package, you need to be able to solve the problem very quickly to avoid penalties for a late return. You need a person or support organisation that you can rely on to sort out this type of problem. Understanding and defining your support requirements is a major part of choosing the right package.

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