MYOB Blog Important Analysis of MYOB Accounting Software

Important Analysis of MYOB Accounting Software

Important analysis of MYOB Accounting software


Important Analysis of MYOB  Accounting Software

E-commerce: Many of the top MYOB accounting software on the market today offer some form of e-commerce integration, either within their system or through a specialized e-commerce platform.

Retail accounting: Manages the process of generating customer invoices and receiving payments as well as tracking all payments made to partners and vendors.

Purchase orders: Tracks items and amounts ordered, including date of order, shipping information and progress.

Rewards points program: Manages and tracks customer rewards programs awarded for purchase frequency or other incentive goals.

Targeted marketing: Allows  MYOB accounting retailers to segment customers and create mailing lists based on custom criteria such as items purchased, total amount spent etc.

Loss prevention: Monitors inventory levels and purchase orders and reports discrepancies or missing quantities.

Variable pricing: MYOB Accounting Software automate the process by which varied prices are assigned to products, typically based on walk-in/phone orders, time of day or season.


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