Real-Time Financial Accounting System and Business Intelligence

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Accounting Software let you meet up the demands and challenges facing businesses transform every day. Whether you are trying to cut down costs or deal with compliance consents, you must respond quickly to changes in your industry while meeting the demands of your customers. Onestopaccounting offers you complete Inventory software with fully-integrated accounting software to exceed all of your accounting, manufacturing, distribution and inventory tracking and everything in between.

An affordable solution to deploy, to adapt to changes, and to maintain your accounting systems

Powerful and customizable reporting

Real-time update of stock

Different level of data access security

Adaptable applications customized to your specific needs

Maximized efficiency and productivity

It also offers an exclusive payroll software package to perform all your payroll activities. Payroll plays an important role in a company’s financial and business growth and it is easy and effective to manage and it lower the administrative costs and to provide a detailed insight on the Company’s financial status helping to stay ahead of the competition in Singapore.


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