Sage_UBS Inventory Control Software Singapore

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Sage_UBS Inventory Software is the best inventory management software in Singapore market which allows the user to easily perform stock control with the flexibility to handle all kinds of inventory control transactions and provides an immediate update about inventory status at whatever time you want it.

Business Process of the Sage_UBS Inventory Software

Maintain company profile

Setting up accounting year

Linking to UBS Accounting system

Assign GL account

Set document reference number

Set costing method

This system acts as an invoicing system where invoices and delivery orders can be printed conveniently, allowing smooth transactions for the business. Improvements are also done progressively over the years based on customer feedback to ensure that the system meets the immediate business needs of users. There are also 4 types of stock valuation methods available, namely, Fixed cost, First In First Out (FIFO), Monthly average and Moving average.

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