MYOB Blog Simple Tips for Tracking Business Expenses and Income

Simple Tips for Tracking Business Expenses and Income

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Simple Tips for Tracking Business Expenses and Income


Simple Tips for Tracking Business Expenses and Income

As a business owner, you have to familiar with transaction tracking. However, are you monitoring your business expenses and income? Here you will get some tips to track the business expenses and income and their importance.

Tips for Tracking Business Expenses and Income

  • Open business bank account
  • Select an accounting method
  • Use accounting system

Open Business Bank Account

Startup business owner should create a business bank account to separate your business and personal funds. This will help you to track your business expenses and income which are helpful for tax purposes.

Every business doesn’t require a separate bank account for tracking business and personal funds. Having separate bank accounts may help you to track income and expenses for tax purposes.

Business owners can also able to open a business credit card to avoid mixing personal and business expenses. It also builds business credit.

Select an Accounting Method

First, you have to select the accounting method to track the income and expenses of the business.

There are two accounting methods such as

Cash Basis

Cash basis is one of the accounting methods to record the accounting transactions for small businesses.  In this kind of accounting method, expenses are recorded when cash is paid to the supplier, and income recorded when cash is received from the customer.

Accrual Basis

Accrual basis is one of the accounting methods to record accounting transactions. In this kind of accounting method, Income is recorded when earned and expenses are recorded when spend.

Note: Before selecting the accounting method you have to consider the size of your business.

Use the Accounting System

Accounting is a challenging task for small business owners. To get a realistic snapshot of your business’s financial health, you have to track your business expense and income accurately.

Here a few options provided to track the business expense and income.

Use A Spreadsheet

To track your business income and expense in the spreadsheet you have to put your complete control. You may make mistakes or forget to update the spreadsheet.

Hire Accountant

You can hire an accountant to keep track of the business income and expenses. You can generally take over once you have a better grasp on how to track your income and expenses.

Use Singapore Accounting Software

You can also use online accounting software to streamline the accounting process. It saves time and makes your business income and expenses tracking process simple. You can also use the cloud-based software to handle account payable, account receivable, and other transactions from everywhere.

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