MYOB Bookkeeping The 10 Best Bookkeepers in Miami, FL with Free Estimates

The 10 Best Bookkeepers in Miami, FL with Free Estimates


bookkeeping services in miami

Outsourced bookkeeping services save you the cost of hiring a full-time in house bookkeeper. Up-to-date accurate records, accurate tax calculations and business insights help you save further. We take great pride in offering turnkey bookkeeping services, payroll services and management consulting that bring peace of mind and the financial independence that help a small business thrive.

On average, individual tax preparation services cost $242, and prices typically range from $137- $454. However, many factors can impact how much an accountant will charge you for tax assistance. For an accurate price estimate, request quotes from several certified public accountants (CPAs) near you.

What Does an Expert Miami Bookkeeper Actually Do?

We customize services around your needs and business goals. Don’t spend hours sifting through and correcting previously entered financial information. Your time is clearly more valuable managing your business. Generally, less than half the time it will take a non-qualified, inexperienced individual.

We offer bookkeeping services Miami FL that is tailored to fit the needs of your company, so you never worry about numbers again! Trust the experienced staff of Zap That Tax LLC to help you with financial matters. All bookkeeping work is done on-site by experienced U.S. bookkeepers, educated, tested and certified. Accountants do not automatically have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation unless they have passed the Uniform CPA Examination and received the proper license. CPAs are also eligible to represent clients before the IRS if audit support is required, while a non-CPA accountant is not.

Save Money

At DCC Accounting, we understand that part of the success of a small business is making informed financial decisions. These services give entrepreneurs the independence to focus on what inspires them, while ensuring accuracy and timeliness of back office accounting functions. Any individual with a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) is eligible to file your income taxes on your behalf. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best candidate to provide the help you need with your income tax preparation. The IRS explains that CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents are all allowed to legally represent their clients before the IRS. They have a more thorough understanding of tax code than an individual operating solely with a PTIN or an Annual Filing Season Program participant who provides their services on a volunteer basis.

bookkeeping services in miami

We believe that success means having the freedom to do what you love and live your life on your terms. We offer monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services to ensure that all financial transactions are recorded correctly and that they match up with the corresponding accounts in your books. This helps you gain a better understanding of where your money is going so that you can make informed decisions about how it should be invested or spent.

We’ve found the best Bookkeeping Providers for you.

When you choose BooXkeeping, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most reliable bookkeeping services from a team “obsessed” with helping your business. From bookkeeping and payroll services to financial reporting and business insights, BooXkeeping is your all-in-one solution to make managing business finances easy. Our specialties include tax preparation and payroll preparation. We are also skilled at taking care of other business needs such as research, analysis, and financial reports as well as preparing annual budgets and forecasts. Beyond accounting, we are here for all of your growing business financial needs. Get expert strategy advice with our CFO & Advisory Services, Tax Compliance & Planning Services, or Payroll Administration help.

bookkeeping services in miami

Furthermore, they work in close collaboration with their clients to provide an efficient bookkeeping system. They also have experience with tax issues and complex accounting issues. In addition, they offer custom solutions tailored to meet every need.

Business  Owners

Like any advanced software, expect a steep learning curve if you’re thinking of keeping your own books. As part of our bookkeeping services in Miami, we’ll get your business set up on Quickbooks, train you in what you need (or want) to know, and then manage your QB platform for you. Simplify how you manage your business finances with bookkeeping services in Miami.

  • We take great pride in offering turnkey bookkeeping services, payroll services and management consulting that bring peace of mind and the financial independence that help a small business thrive.
  • They also provide tax benefits and tax exemption calculations.
  • This example continues to be the consistent experience I’ve had with you and your team.
  • A bookkeeper is an individual who maintains the books of a business for financial reporting purposes.
  • When we meet, we’ll take time to learn about your business before we tell you about ours.

Our method is a “proprietary” approach developed through years of experience and extensive training — not found elsewhere. It provides our clients with the optimal results with the minimal costs and almost non-existent bookkeeping for startups downtime for accounting information system errors and data corruption. If you’re shopping around and you’re quoted an HOURLY rate … run! Hourly rates are given by inexperienced, independent contractors without a job.

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