The uniqueness of Payroll Software

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Payroll software is the type of software which helps you calculates the paychecks from hours logged in time to log out-time and track the attendance using the attendance tracking software. Through the payroll software taxes and deductions are calculated. It reduces the work of HR management. It has some uniqueness such as

  • Automatically salaries calculated accurately
  • Extensive reconciliation tools used
  • Complex salary structures are configured
  • Unlimited salary components can be added
  • Generate the automated payslips using the payroll inputs
  • Customized payslips also generated
  • Statutory reports can be generated
  • Accounts JV can be generated
  • Automatically update all statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax etc., based on the latest laws and amendments. This feature is available for all the customized reports.
  • PF calculations with ECR generation
  • ESI computations
  • PT with all state-specific rules built in
  • Comprehensive TDS (IT) calculations and eTDS returns
  • Automatic validation for One-Click Form24Q generation
  • Digitally signed Form 16 and 12BA generation
  • Bonus calculations and reporting
  • Labor Welfare Fund calculation and deductions
  • Generate all kind of payroll reports such as
    • Reconciliation reports
    • PT reports
    • MIS reports
    • Ad-hoc and user-defined reports
    • Customizable payroll statement/ salary register/ wage register
    • Reports under Shops & Establishment Acts of various states
    • Reports under CLRA Act of various states
  • Handle any type of salary structure
  • Provides leave management system
  • Provides attendance management system

These are the unique features of the payroll management software. Such features produce 100 % accuracy, save the huge time of the user and highly satisfy the employees. To become an organization’s unique asset and to increase the productivity of the business you have to choose the right payroll software.

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